<Background>The past decades have seen a worldwide expansion in industrial output in energy intensive industries such as steel, chemicals, and petroleum. The case of Japan is special, since despite expansion in the industrial sector, energy consumption has risen little since the 1970s. This has been due to substantial efforts in energy savings. In part, this was motivated by increasing pressure from the government and the general public for reducing energy consumption by industry to help mitigate CO2 emissions. Overall, however, it seems that most measures for energy savings have already been taken, and there is little room left for large-scale reductions in energy consumption with existing technologies. It is, thus, essential to develop novel alternatives which can enable large-scale reductions in energy use. (Detail)


Membrane-based separation is one of the promising technology for simplifying processes and reducing energy consumption drastically in future chemical and petroleum industries. eSep. Inc. will develop and offer membrane-based separation technology for easy, eco-efficient separation.