Our Business(事業紹介)

Membrane separation system design, development, sales, consulting and investigation etc.



 1. Microporous ceramic membrane (zeolite membrane, silica membrane )


 2. Membrane reactor


 3. Process simulation

  (プロセス シミュレーション)



2016/9/27 eSep's proposal 'Development of Smart Energy Conversion Technology of Unused PET Waste' has adopted for "Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Project for Local Industries" by Kyoto Industrial Support 21.


2016/1/27 eSep's business plan, 'ESCO Business for Energy Saving of Chemical Process using Nano-Ceramic Membranes' , was certificated as grand prize of 2nd 'Nanto Success Road' business plan commercialization support project by Nanto Bank . 


2015/11/30 eSep's Nano-Ceramic Membrane Projects for Hydrogen Separation were adopted as Subsidy Program.(弊社の水素分離用ナノセラミック膜開発事業が補助金交付事業に採択されました)
1) Development of Silica Membrane Reactor for High Efficiency Hydrogen Engine using Organic Hydride.<Kyoto Industrial Support 21>

2) Product Development of Metal-Coated Nano-Ceramic Composite Membranes for High-Efficient Hydrogen Separation.  <Kyoto Kyoto Industrial Eco-Energy Promotion Organization.>

2015/9/1 eSep's proposal 'A High-Energy-Technics Development of Ligneous Biomass Gasification by CO2 membrane separation' has adopted for "Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Project for Local Industries" by Kyoto Industrial Support 21. (弊社の提案である「CO2膜分離による木質バイオマスガスの高エネルギー化技術開発」が京都産業21による平成27年度地域産業育成産学連携推進事業に採択されました。)

2015/6/19 eSep's proposal was adopted for Heisei 26 Year Supplementary Subsidy for Innovation of Manufacturing Business Services by Kyoto Central Office of Small Business Association.

2015/3/27 Given A rank by Kyoto City Venture Companies Evaluation Committee(京都市ベンチャー目利き委員会Aランクに認定されました)

2015/3/25 Certificated as Kyoto Eco-Style Product(京都エコスタイル製品に認定されました)

2014/10/31 eSep's proposal 'A Scientific-Practice Promotion Model Project for Forming Future Learning Places By Using Various Networks as A Base of Open Science' is adopted for "Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Project for Regional Industries(culture and education section)" by Kyoto Industrial Support 21. 

2014/8/29 eSep's proposal 'A Development of Nano-Ceramic Membrane Recyclable Systems for Reduction of Corrosive Liquid Wastes' was adopted for a subsidy program 'Support for Entries of Local Enterprises in Kyoto into Green Innovation Market for 2014' of Kyoto Industrial Eco-energy Promotion Organizartion.